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PRESS RELEASE: Blue Water Baltimore Alerts MDE to Major Deficiencies at Baltimore’s Wastewater Treatment Plants

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An aerial picture of the Back River Wastewater Treatment Plant

Environmental Groups Announce Landmark Agreement to Resolve Wastewater Treatment Plant Violations

Back River Wastewater Treatment Plant (Google Earth) Baltimore, MD – Blue Water Baltimore and its attorneys at the Chesapeake Legal Alliance announce today an agreement with Maryland Department of Environment and Baltimore City to address pollution violations at the state’s two largest Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs).  Working cooperatively with the Maryland Department of Environment (MDE),…

a manhole cover flowing over rocks into a river
Action Alert

Let the Science Speak: Update Baltimore County’s Water & Sewer Plan Today!

An underground network of sewer pipes runs alongside our local streams and carries raw sewage from our homes and businesses to wastewater treatment plants situated on the Patapsco and Back Rivers. In a perfect system, the sewage would go from point A to point B without ever seeing the light of day. But in many…

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Environmental Justice | Legislation | Media

Expand Sewage Backup Assistance

Environmental Regulators Order Baltimore City to Expand Sewage Assistance Program – Rain or Shine July 13, 2023 The Environmental Protection Agency and the Maryland Department of the Environment have ordered Baltimore City to expand a program that helps homeowners who have suffered a sewage backup due to problems in the city’s aging sewer pipes, fulfilling…

a map of the area where you can find all of the locations
Water Quality

Going Back to Back River

On Thursday, May 25th, twenty two community scientists collected water samples throughout Back River and beyond. Some were taken off of docks at homes, public boat launches, or by boat in Back River. These samples were brought to Blue Water Baltimore’s lab and processed in order to measure the levels of Enterococcus bacteria.  The Code of…

graphic that reads "Thank you for advocating for clean water and strong communities"
Legislation | Uncategorized

What Happened during MD’s 2023 Legislative Session?

After a whirlwind 90 days, Maryland’s 2023 Legislative Session ended on April 10th. Legislators considered over 2,000 bills this session and passed several priorities from the environmental community. Blue Water Baltimore weighed in on over 30 bills that impact environmental and community health in the watersheds where we work. Read on to learn more about…

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Law | Pollution | Press | Water Quality

BWB and CLA File Suit Against Fleischmann’s Vinegar for Violating Clean Water Laws

BLUE WATER BALTIMORE AND CHESAPEAKE LEGAL ALLIANCE FILE SUIT AGAINST FLEISCHMANN’S VINEGAR FOR VIOLATING CLEAN WATER LAWS Blue Water Baltimore, represented by the Chesapeake Legal Alliance, filed suit todayagainst Fleischmann’s Vinegar Company, Inc. and its parent company, Kerry, Inc., for unauthorized discharge of pollutants into the Jones Falls stream, a tributary to the Baltimore Harbor…

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Environmental Justice | Press

Baltimore’s Waterways Will Not Be a Dumping Ground for Toxic Contamination

Advocates push back against an EPA mandate to accept East Palestine, OH wastewater March 25, 2023 Baltimore, MD – Blue Water Baltimore, home of the Baltimore Harbor Waterkeeper, rejects the mandate from the U.S. EPA that toxic contamination and carcinogens will pass through our City and flow into the Back River from an environmental disaster…

a man walking through a greenhouse filled with lots of plants
Guest Post

Abundance at AVAM and the Value of Supporting Urban farms

I recently visited the American Visionary Art Museum, where there is an exhibit titled “Abundance” open through October 3rd, 2023. The two rooms contained a number of different artistic styles, with a primary focus on sculptures and two-dimensional designs. Every piece was connected by the uniqueness of the materials used to create them. Buttons, rhinestones,…

a poster with a ladder going into a tunnel
Guest Post

Baltimore’s Hidden City: a conversation with Sewer author, Jessica Leigh Hester

Miles of pipes snake below our feet, teeming with activity and unwitnessed by many. While most people turn a blind eye to sewer systems, Jessica Leigh Hester traverses this concrete jungle with unwavering curiosity. The Sewer author sat down with us ahead of World Water Day to shed light on the fragility, beauty, and vitality…

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Statement on Explosion and Fire at Back River WWTP

Blue Water Baltimore and Chesapeake Legal Alliance’s Statement on Explosion and Fire at Back River Wastewater Treatment Plant Baltimore, MD – Blue Water Baltimore and the Chesapeake Legal Alliance sincerely hope early reports that no one was injured in today’s explosion at Back River Wastewater Treatment Plant prove true, and that the plant is able…

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