Clean water. Strong communities.

Blue Water Baltimore’s mission is to restore the quality of Baltimore’s rivers, streams and Harbor to foster a healthy environment, a strong economy, and thriving communities. We work towards a future where our waterways are safe and enjoyable for all.

Featured Programs

Baltimore Harbor Waterkeeper, patrols the harbor, takes your calls on the pollution hotline, and holds polluters accountable under the law. READ MORE →
We also run the Herring Run Nursery, selling native plants and providing landscaping and design services. READ MORE →

News & Updates

Thinking with Your Heart: A Guide to Giving – Part 2

May 19, 2020 —

A special series to help you navigate the best ways to help right now | Part 1 “There are those who give with joy, and that joy is their reward.” Khalil Gibran  For me, giving is always joyful. It feels…

4 Reasons and Ways to Celebrate ‘Love a Tree Day’

May 15, 2020 —

Tomorrow is National Love a Tree Day! On May 16th, trees are celebrated and recognized for the wonderful gift they are to us. From the sweet sap of sugar maples, to the towering trunks of tulip trees, there are so…

Rain Barrels: Your Questions Answered

May 12, 2020 —

With April showers come May flowers, and rain barrels can help keep your gardens blooming and our local streams and rivers clean! Looking to install a rain barrel at home? Here are some frequently asked questions answered by our Restoration…