A sewer overflow discharging brown sewage into a local waterway.

Action Alert: Speak Out About Sewer Backups

Matt Stocker and three USDA scientists on a silver pontoon boat in a shallow green colored water body.

From Boats to Drones: A Former Intern's Journey to the USDA

Imagine Baltimore Without Plastic Bag Pollution

Clean water. Strong communities.

Blue Water Baltimore’s mission is to restore the quality of Baltimore’s rivers, streams and Harbor to foster a healthy environment, a strong economy, and thriving communities. We work towards a future where our waterways are safe and enjoyable for all.

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Baltimore Harbor Waterkeeper, patrols the harbor, takes your calls on the pollution hotline, and holds polluters accountable under the law. READ MORE →
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News & Updates

Action Alert: Speak Out About Sewage Backups

September 18, 2019 —

Sewage doesn’t belong in our streets – or our homes. When it rains in Baltimore, millions of gallons of sewage flow into our streams, rivers, Inner Harbor, and even our homes. Sewage backups in homes and buildings are a big…

From Boats to Drones: Matt Stocker’s (’11) Journey to the USDA

September 17, 2019 —

It’s not often that you hear of drones being used to measure water quality. That’s exactly what former Blue Water Baltimore intern Matt Stocker (’11) is doing. A Research Associate at the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service (USDA-ARS), Matt Stocker is…

Marbles and Molecules: Play-based Summer Learning Works

September 4, 2019 —

“Children are our future” is an old adage because it’s true. And like the exclamation “tag, you’re it!” during a game of tag, it will continue to be said for generations to come.   Adults are not just responsible for passing…