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Pollution Reporting 101

Join us at for an outfall screening blitz!

Join us for Pollution Reporting 101! Tuesday, September 17, 2019 6 to 8 pm Open Works, 1400 Greenmount Ave. Baltimore, MD 21202 Suitable for ages 13+ In our Pollution Reporting 101 training, you’ll learn what kinds of pollutants are entering our Harbor and…

Outfall Screening Blitz

Three people in brown waders walking in a stream during an Outfall Screening Blitz.

Join us for an Outfall Screening Blitz! Want to stop water pollution in its tracks? Help keep our rivers and streams clean as a volunteer citizen scientist. As part of a staff-led outfall screening blitz team, you’ll track and look…

Water Pollution Connections: Part 2 of 2

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Last week, in the first part of this two part series on water pollution, I explored the connection between energy, water, and pollution. This week my focus is on the home: how water and pollution are connected to where we…