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Virtual Rain Garden Workshop

rain garden soaking stormwater runoff

Green stormwater infrastructure is a cost-effective way to combat stormwater runoff and pollution. Rain gardens are a type of green stormwater infrastructure that helps mitigate pollution and flooding while also beautifying your property. Interested in building your own rain garden?…

Amazing Grace

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Last week marked the completion of a 16-month restoration effort on the grounds of Amazing Grace Lutheran Church, in McElderry Park! Thanks to funding from special partners, Blue Water Baltimore was able to help install: a pollinator garden 1,000 square foot rain…

McElderry Park Stormwater Projects Are Underway

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We are excited to announce that we have begun construction of two faith-based stormwater projects in the McElderry Park neighborhood in southeast Baltimore. These projects, located at the Prince of Peace Baptist Church and Amazing Grace Lutheran Church, will add significant…

Five Plants You Think Are Native But Aren’t

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Because native plants have a long co-evolutionary history with the native wildlife of a location, they are uniquely well-suited choices for the modern garden. In this age of climate-change and habitat destruction, our gardens should do more than just look…

Grant Program Helps Congregations Cut Stormwater Pollution

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With funding from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Blue Water Baltimore and Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake have developed Blue Water Congregations, a program to identify and implement stormwater reduction strategies at…