Blue Water Baltimore

Join the fight to Keep Baltimore’s water clean, safe & healthy

Every volunteer, donation, signed petition, and pollution report takes Baltimore one step closer to cleaner waterways, greener streets & healthier communities.

Here’s how you can help!

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Protect Baltimore’s Waterways

Blue Water Baltimore is collaborating with residents, businesses, and property owners to reduce pollution and implement tangible solutions in order to ensure clean waterways and healthy neighborhoods.

We also advocate at the local, state and federal level to ensure that water pollution laws are enforced, that emerging pollution issues are addressed with new enforceable laws, and that clean water regulatory programs are funded and implemented effectively.

What your contribution means to Baltimore

When you give to Blue Water Baltimore, you are contributing towards monitoring our waterways for pollution, advocating for stronger environmental laws, educating schoolchildren about protecting the environment, cleaning up tons (literally) of trash, and reducing polluted runoff.