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Watershed Tour of Jones Falls

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Blue Water Baltimore’s Outreach & Education Coordinator, Michel Anderson, accompanied students on a local watershed tour of the Jones Falls. Read about the experience from the perspective of one of the Bridges at Gilman School program leaders, Ned Harris, and…

Jones Falls Stream Restoration

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The Jones Falls Stream Restoration project is a stream channel realignment project designed to restore natural stream conditions to a degraded section of the Jones Falls. This is Blue Water Baltimore’s first stream restoration project, signifying a new level of…

Unpaving Paradise in a Parking Lot

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Rennie Watson, teacher extraordinaire, shares with us the inspiration and drive to work with Blue Water Baltimore and depave 7,000 square feet of parking in Canton to create a community garden. Rennie Watson has always had her students digging in…

Examining Microbial Biodiversity

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Recently our Water Quality Monitoring program teamed up with Dr. Robert Hilderbrand, Associate Professor at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science Appalachian Laboratory, to look at another dimension of water health in the Jones Falls stream.  Here, Dr.…

Expensive Uncertainty: Cutting Stormwater Funding is a Mistake

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[Note: This guest blog post was written by Liam O’Meara, General Manager at Environmental Quality Resources (EQR).  EQR is one of Blue Water Baltimore’s partners in implementing stormwater projects.] We’ve all heard plenty about Maryland’s stormwater program and the ever-present stormwater…