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Going Green in Greektown

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This autumn, Blue Water Baltimore wrapped up large-scale project and planted 215 trees on 1.2 miles of streets in southeast Baltimore‚Äôs Greektown neighborhood. Greektown is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Baltimore, but it’s also one of the least…

Hackberry: The Best Tree You’ve Never Heard About

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Few native trees are more deserving of appreciation, yet fail to receive it, than the common hackberry. Despite a slightly off-putting name, the native hackberry (Celtis occidentals) has all the attributes that homeowners want: Grows in a rounded, vase-like shape?…

A Tree Grows in Baltimore

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[NOTE: Debra Lenik is the staff Volunteer Coordinator at Blue Water Baltimore, and first joined us in 2010 as part of the AmeriCorps Volunteer Maryland program.] A colleague recently asked me where I saw myself in ten years. Holy mackerel,…