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Free Trash Cans: A Huge Win for Clean Water!

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By this point, you have probably heard that Baltimore City Department of Public Works has begun to distribute municipal trash cans to all households throughout the city. This is the culmination of many years of effort by individuals, community groups,…

Give Up the Bag for Lent

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[Katie Dix is Blue Water Baltimore’s Volunteer Manager. She recruits, trains, and coordinates the many volunteers and programs that enable us to accomplish our mission.] Last month nearly seven hundred sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students at Roland Park Elementary/Middle School signed a pledge to…

Goucher Connects to Our Watersheds

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On August 28, Blue Water Baltimore hosted nearly 500 students, faculty, and staff from Goucher College for a day of service in South Baltimore. Goucher Connects, a one day orientation event that connects first-year students to each other, faculty, staff,…

Baltimore City Bag Bill Defeated. For Now.

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[Note: Julie Lawson, author of this guest post, is the Director of Trash Free Maryland and a frequent partner of Blue Water Baltimore. She shares her insights into the failure last night of Baltimore City Council to pass a bag…

Join In & Sack the Plastic Bag in Baltimore

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It’s a fact: plastic bags are a major source of trash in Baltimore’s rivers and in the Baltimore Harbor. According to various estimates, plastic bags are the second most common trash pollutant making up 10% of total trash and 50%…

How We Work: Pollution. Solution.

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When we were putting together our 2012 Annual Report – our first as a merged organization – we wanted to illustrate  how we work on water quality issues in Baltimore. This infographic was created by our designer, Redstart Creative, to…