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Watershed Tour of Jones Falls

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Blue Water Baltimore’s Outreach & Education Coordinator, Michel Anderson, accompanied students on a local watershed tour of the Jones Falls. Read about the experience from the perspective of one of the Bridges at Gilman School program leaders, Ned Harris, and…

Unpaving Paradise in a Parking Lot

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Rennie Watson, teacher extraordinaire, shares with us the inspiration and drive to work with Blue Water Baltimore and depave 7,000 square feet of parking in Canton to create a community garden. Rennie Watson has always had her students digging in…

Member Spotlight on Yoga to Save the Bay

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Beginning in spring and running through early fall this past year, you may have noticed a new event on the Blue Water Baltimore monthly calendar, Yoga to Save the Bay. Crystal Wesner, a registered teacher at Sid Yoga, connected with…

Illegal Dumping in Herring Run Park

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Earlier this year Bob Mayes, a member of the Friends of Herring Run Park, witnessed a Baltimore City contractor discharging hundreds of gallons of sewage laden water from their truck directly into the woods adjacent to the Herring Run stream.…

Becoming a Catalyst for Change

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Reporting Pollution Can Make a Difference Irene Smith, a mother of three and a constant force for good in Herring Run Park, takes a moment to talk about one of her passions and how she got involved with Blue Water…

BEE-more Native!

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Not sure which plants to use in your garden this spring? Go native! Plants native to an area are more well-suited to that area’s climate and soil, requiring less maintenance once established. Besides being good for you, native plants are…