Photo of a bee on a flower. Wildlife is reason #2 for why #WeAreBaltimore.

#WeAreBaltimore: Three (Natural) Reasons Why We Love Baltimore

Over the past weekend, thousands of people have taken to Twitter to showcase why #WeAreBaltimore and #WeLoveBaltimore.

Residents from all walks of life are sharing positive stories about their lives in Charm City. The outpour of pride and love for Baltimore has taken the world by storm.

From world-class seafood to Edgar Allen Poe, there are many reasons to love Baltimore. Some “off the beaten path” reasons to love Baltimore come naturally and are proven by our beautiful landscapes, local flora and fauna, and our valuable waterways.

Three Reasons Why #WeAreBaltimore

Photo of Paptasco State Park waterfall, reason #1 for why #WeAreBaltimore. Credit: Ben Myers.
Credit: Ben Myers.


#1 – The Landscapes

Don’t let Baltimore’s bustling downtown and towering skyline fool you; Baltimore’s natural landscapes can’t be beat. Baltimore City and County boast cascading waterfalls, wooded trails, rocky hills, and much more.

With miles of trails and woods to explore, there is no shortage of natural scenery and landscapes to explore. Baltimore parks also offer green spaces and places to relax, play, have picnics, and get some outdoor time in.

From Baltimore’s Inner Harbor to Paptasco State Park, Baltimore’s landscapes and natural spaces rank as some of the most beautiful places in the state. Whether you’re a hiker, biker, kayaker, fisher, or novice outdoor explorer, Baltimore’s picturesque landscapes and natural scenery are for all to enjoy.

Photo of a bee on a flower. Wildlife is reason #2 for why #WeAreBaltimore.

#2 – The Wildlife

Baltimore’s waterways and landscapes are teeming with thousands of plant and animal species. Plants bloom and spread their leaves in Baltimore trails and woods. Violets, ferns, and black-eyed Susan thrive amongst towering oak, beech, and walnut trees.

Baltimore’s Inner Harbor is a crown jewel that is home to the National Aquarium and iconic Mr. Trash Wheel. Underneath the water’s surface, crabs, mussels, fish, and even jellyfish and anemones, call the Harbor home.

Some of Baltimore’s must unique inhabitants live along the streams that feed into the Harbor — deer, wild turkeys, trout, turtles, and even beavers, just to name a few!

Picture of Jones Falls. Credit: The Cultural Landscapes Foundation.
Credit: The Cultural Landscapes Foundation.


#3 – The Streams

The Jones Falls and Gywnns Falls will make you feel worlds away from Baltimore’s concrete cityscape.

The Gwynns Falls flows through one of the largest urban wilderness parks on the East Coast, Leakin Park. The park boasts 15 miles of trails teeming with tulip poplars, maples, and oak trees.

The Jones Falls flows by Druid Park and runs along the Jones Falls Trail which features 10 miles of hiking, biking, and bird watching. The Trail is a bird watcher’s paradise; there, you can bask in the glory of herons, ducks, and orioles, wading or gliding in tree canopies.

Best of all? They are literally in our backyards; both streams connect more than 30 Baltimore city neighborhoods.

People who call this city home are our honorable mention for why #WeAreBaltimore.

Honorable Mention – The People

Need more reasons to love Baltimore? Look no further than the people who live and work here.

Baltimore has a passionate community of people working to help protect and restore our local waterways. At Blue Water Baltimore, neighborhoods, church groups, local businesses, students, and individual volunteers have dedicated their time to our city and environment. The people of Baltimore work hard to help protect our waterways from pollution, littering, and more. Their love for Baltimore makes their tireless efforts that much more inspiring.

#WeAreBaltimore. #WeLoveBaltimore. So should you!

Click here to learn more about our work for clean water and strong communities in Baltimore.

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