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What Happened During MD’s Legislative Session?

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*Updated 5/31/22 to include information about vetoes Monday was “Sine Die” in Maryland, meaning that the General Assembly adjourned its legislative session for 2022. Several of our priority bills passed, along with many other environmental bills that we supported led…

March Advocacy Updates

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We’ve been busy tracking local and state legislation since our last Advocacy Update!  On March 16th, Baltimore’s City Council held a hearing on a bill to require City government operations become net zero. This was the final hearing on Councilman…

February Advocacy Updates

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January was a big month for local climate advocacy. Mayor Scott announced a goal for Baltimore City to become carbon neutral by 2045, and there were City Council hearings on three bills in Councilman Mark Conway’s climate package. Maryland’s legislative…

Help Baltimore Tackle Climate Change!

After heavy rainfall a troublesome landslide occurred on 26th street in Charles Village back in 2014. Photo Credit: Jonathan Newton | Washington Post
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Take Action! Fight Climate Change From raw sewage backing up into peoples’ basements to the urban heat island effect exacerbating hot temperatures, climate change poses significant risks to Baltimore’s communities, waterways, and environment. And the effects of climate change are…

Take Action! Protect Our Urban Tree Canopy

photo of trees from a vantage point of looking up at them
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If you follow our work at Blue Water Baltimore, you know that we are all about trees. Why? Trees clean our air and water, reduce flooding, lower temperatures and energy bills, improve public health and social cohesion, and beautify our…