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2020 Water Quality Report Card is Here

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In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22nd, Blue Water Baltimore held our second annual Afternoon With Your Waterkeeper event to release our 2019 water quality data. In response to current global events, we took the…

2016 Recap from the Water Quality Monitoring Team

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During the winter months, our Water Quality Monitoring Team’s tidal fieldwork goes on temporary hiatus.  But every year from April through November, we take our boat out once per week to monitor water quality in the Baltimore Harbor, Middle Branch,…

Clean Water Tips for the Holidays

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As the Holiday season quickly approaches, we find ourselves wrapped up in tradition once again – decorations, family, gifts, and perhaps most importantly of all, food.  When preparing your holiday meals this year, you can do your part for clean…

Ongoing Sewage Leak in the Chinquapin Run

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On May 12, 2016, a staff member at Blue Water Baltimore was on her way to investigate a report of illegal dumping in the Perring Loch neighborhood, and her route took her across the Loch Raven Boulevard bridge. While crossing the bridge,…

OSB Program Finds Sewage Leak in the Stony Run

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On Tuesday April 19, Blue Water Baltimore conducted our first Outfall Screening Blitz of the year in the upper Stony Run. The Outfall Screening Blitz is a project in partnership with Ridge to Reefs and the Chesapeake Bay Trust that is focused…