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Illegal Dumping in Herring Run Park

Earlier this year Bob Mayes, a member of the Friends of Herring Run Park, witnessed a Baltimore City contractor discharging hundreds of gallons of sewage laden water from their truck directly into the woods adjacent to the Herring Run stream.

Bob photographed and documented the illegal activities as they were occurring, and made a report via Blue Water Baltimore’s online Pollution Reporting Form.

From there Blue Water Baltimore reported the incident to our contacts at Baltimore City, who pursued enforcement actions against the contractor in question.


Standing to Protect our Natural Resources

Today Bob shares with us his connection to Herring Run Park, and why protecting our nature resources is important to all:

I am a 47 year home owner in the community of Arcadia on the northern edge of Herring Run Park. As a child I grew up on the south side of this beautiful stream valley.

“This life long association has developed a deep respect and appreciation for one of Baltimore’s greatest natural resources.”

The sewer system for all of the communities surrounding Herring Run Park is very old requiring repair and replacement and this is being done. One evening I observed a city contractor working on the sewer pipes in Arcadia.

That evening the same contractor had his equipment parked along Parkside Drive and was emptying contents into the wooded area of the park. The sewer contaminated water was definitely a pollution issue.I photographed the operation and reported it to 311.

As a board member of Friends of Herring Run Parks I work closely with Blue Water Baltimore and the Baltimore Department of Public Works to protect our environment.

I urge all who observe similar incidents and accidents to make immediate reports. Herring Run Park is very large and it takes a team effort to protect and enjoy it.

Bob Mayes, a board member of the Friends of Herring Run Park, identified, document, and reported pollution in order to protect our environment.

Take Action and Report Pollution

Baltimore Citizens are taking the time to identify, document, and report pollution in their watersheds, and as a result those issues are now being resolved.

You can do the same by reporting pollution 24 hours a day via our online Pollution Reporting Form or through our Pollution Hotline 443.908.0696.


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