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Member Spotlight on Yoga to Save the Bay

Beginning in spring and running through early fall this past year, you may have noticed a new event on the Blue Water Baltimore monthly calendar, Yoga to Save the Bay.

Crystal Wesner, a registered teacher at Sid Yoga, connected with us to bring the community together and do something that will make an impact on our local waterways.

At Blue Water Baltimore we were excited to help promote this special event as Crystal has so much positive energy. Her love for the earth, and particularly, the water radiated in her teaching. She has combined her passions in a way that reaches so many others.


Protecting the Chesapeake Bay

Today Crystal shares with us why protecting the Chesapeake Bay is important to all and how she found her way to volunteer with Blue Water Baltimore:

I first became involved with Blue Water Baltimore while I was in the developmental of Yoga to Save the Bay and looking for a local environmental foundation to partner with. From early spring till early fall, I created five donation yoga classes with 100 percent of the money going to Blue Water Baltimore, as we’ll as two cleanup days in Fells Point and Canton.


Q&A on Yoga to Save the Bay

Regarding the direction, outcome, and future plans for Yoga to Save the Bay, Crystal took the time to share with us the following:

1. How did the community respond to your Yoga to Save the Bay events in Fells Point?

The community really enjoyed the donation classes Yoga to Save the Bay offered. We did them the second Saturday of the month and had a lot of regular supporters.

2. Will you be doing another round of Yoga to Save the Bay in 2016?

Yes, I am planning next years Yoga to Save the Bay now. I learned a lot my first year so I am going to keep what worked and change a few things. For me it’s all about bringing the community together and doing something that will make an impact in our world.

3. Has working with Blue Water Baltimore changed or expanded any of your views on water quality or the environment?

Yes, this was my first time doing anything hands on with an environmental foundation so it has definitely given me a deeper awareness of my actions and how it effects our water quality.

4. What is the most important point about the work you have done with Blue Water Baltimore and Yoga to Save the Bay?

I created Yoga to Save the Bay to bring a way to heal people and the environment at the same time. In my study of yoga we learn about the yoga ethics and the one that stands out to me the most is Ahimsa (non-violence). This means not harming ourselves or the environment. I want to bring an awareness to this ethic and bring a way to change the harm we have done to ourselves and our world.

5. Has your environmental efforts with Blue Water Baltimore impacted your life in other areas?

The efforts I have done with Blue Water Baltimore has opened my eyes to more ways I can help protect our environment like using environmental friendly cleaning products. Also I recycle more then I ever have and watch my water usage.

6. What motivated you to team up with Blue Water Baltimore and become so active in your community?

While doing my 500 hour yoga training we got the opportunity to create our own project, I have always had a passion for our Chesapeake Bay so I thought it would be awesome to combine yoga with saving the Bay.

7. What are three key points you want to get out about what you are doing?

I would like people to know what I am doing is most importantly creating a way for people to give back to the world and serve their community in a fun way. Also, helping people keep their bodies healthy as well as our environment because it all works together. Lastly, just setting an example for our future.



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