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Part Two: Prune Trees Like a Pro

Learn more about Baltimore water issues and how to help protect our waterways.
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In my recent blog about pruning I discussed why we prune trees and the best time to prune them. This week, we will provide you with four easy-to-follow steps on how to prune young trees as well as tips to make…

Learn to Prune Trees Like a Pro

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To help you learn how to care for the trees at your home or on your street, we are announcing a series of all-new tree pruning workshops.  These free events will teach you what you need to know, and enable you to help…

Stop Trashing My City!

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Here’s an alarming statistic: the trash interceptor where Watershed 246 empties into the Baltimore Harbor (near Canton) receives between three to five tons of trash MONTHLY. That’s 6,000 to 10,000 pounds of refuse getting carried by stormwater from the city’s…

A Tree Grows in Baltimore

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[NOTE: Debra Lenik is the staff Volunteer Coordinator at Blue Water Baltimore, and first joined us in 2010 as part of the AmeriCorps Volunteer Maryland program.] A colleague recently asked me where I saw myself in ten years. Holy mackerel,…