Threats to Water Quality

Baltimore’s waterways suffer from pollution caused by generations of industrial pollution, leaks from aging separate sewer and stormwater infrastructure, extensive hardscape, and widespread littering.

Our actions on land throughout the watershed directly impact water quality in the rivers that feed the Baltimore Harbor and the Chesapeake Bay. Blue Water Baltimore is actively working with citizens and local authorities to prevent and remedy four major sources of water pollution:

This pollution not only harms our environment, but it also threatens the health of our citizens and the vitality of our local economy.

Water Advocacy

To address these issues, Blue Water Baltimore is collaborating with residents, businesses, and property owners to reduce pollution and implement tangible solutions in order to ensure clean waterways and healthy neighborhoods.

We also advocate at the local, state and federal level to ensure that water pollution laws are enforced, that emerging pollution issues are addressed with new enforceable laws, and that clean water regulatory programs are funded and implemented effectively.

A Outfall Screening Blitz volunteer from Blue Water Baltimore assesses the mountain of trash built up along the banks of the Powder Mill stream in Northwest Baltimore.