Learn about Baltimore water issues, threats to our water quality, and how to help protect watershed.

Baltimore water issues harm our environment, communities, and economy.

For far too long, Baltimore’s rivers and streams have been plagued by contaminated stormwater, toxic pollution, trash, and sewage. Blue Water Baltimore works hard to protect and restore our local waterways. Learn how you can become part of a growing and active movement to help protect our water:

Learn About Threats to Water Quality

Our actions on land directly impact the quality of our watersheds, the Baltimore Harbor, and the Chesapeake Bay. Learn about the ways Blue Water Baltimore collaborates with citizens and local authorities to prevent and remedy four major threats to water quality.

View Real-Time Water Quality Data

Our Baltimore Water Watch website features an interactive map that tracks water quality throughout Baltimore’s watersheds. You can also view bacteria counts around the Inner Harbor to make informed decisions before kayaking or swimming in local rivers.

Discover Your Local Watersheds

Blue Water Baltimore works in watersheds across Baltimore City and Baltimore County. Together, they encompass 194 square miles of land, 454 miles of stream, and 1+ million residents. Learn about the watersheds we work to protect.

Read our Latest Publications and Report Cards

Our publications feature annual water quality results, stories, and news about our work. Also, you can access and read archived reports and data.

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We offer unique educational programs that are fun for all ages! Our programs are great for schools, non-profits, religious groups, and businesses alike. Book one of our ecoliteracy programs today.

Read Our Blog

Our blog is packed with the latest news, stories, and ways you can take action to help restore our waterways. Check back regularly to stay up-to-date!