Baltimore Harbor Waterkeeper

The Baltimore Harbor Waterkeeper uses science and the law to hold polluters accountable and to ensure that the government is upholding the Clean Water Act.

Our Baltimore Harbor Waterkeeper team focuses on protecting and restoring the tidal and nontidal waterways that flow into the Baltimore Harbor and the Patapsco River.  We advocate for stronger enforcement of our laws for clean water, both locally in the Baltimore area and statewide.

Working hand in hand with our local community we amplify the voice of the people who are directly impacted by the top pollutants plaguing our City: trash, contaminated stormwater runoff, sewage, and toxics.

Meet Your Waterkeeper: Alice Volpitta!

Alice Volpitta has served as Blue Water Baltimore’s lead water quality scientist for nearly six years. 

Her areas of expertise include water quality monitoring, data management, and enforcement, and she has spent hundreds of hours patrolling and surveying Baltimore’s streams, rivers, and harbor.

A Maryland native, Volpitta holds a B.S. in Biology and Environmental Science from St. Mary’s College of Maryland. She previously worked with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources before joining Blue Water Baltimore in 2014.

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Water Quality Monitoring

The Baltimore Harbor Waterkeeper regularly collects data at 49 stations in the Gwynns Falls, Jones Falls, and tidal Patapsco River. 

Baltimore’s waterways are a living resource, teeming with life and ecological importance.  Blue Water Baltimore recognizes the biological, recreational, economic, social, and spiritual benefits of our waterways.

We keep a pulse on our waterways by routinely collecting and analyzing local water quality data from waterways across Baltimore City and County. This data supports our efforts advocate for better enforcement and compliance with water pollution laws. We also use data to keep our communities informed on water quality issues that could impact their health or neighborhoods.

Baltimore Water Watch is our online mapping platform where you can see our most recent readings as well as an annual assessment of water health.

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We need your help to keep an eye on our waterways and to be a voice for your community.


Featured image: Baltimore Harbor Waterkeeper (left) and scientists at Blue Water Baltimore collect water quality data at 49 stations throughout Baltimore’s waterways. Credit: Damon Meledones.

Blue Water Baltimore, home of the Baltimore Harbor Waterkeeper, is a member of the international Waterkeeper Alliance and Waterkeepers Chesapeake.