In Baltimore, trash in our streams and along shorelines is a highly visible source of water pollution.

Caused by illegal dumping and littering, debris in our streams is more than an eyesore. Trash in our waterways can be harmful to our health, the environment, and our local economy.

Because trash is so visible, many civic groups and community associations are working hard to remedy the problem. Blue Water Baltimore works side by side with them to fight the pollution caused by bottles, bags, foam containers, and other trash in our streets and streams. Our work includes outreach, education, and partnerships to focus on preventing the trash from entering the water in the first place.

Solutions to Curb the Trash

Baltimore has long wrestled with how to stop the never-ending flow of trash into our waterways. Our efforts at Blue Water Baltimore aim to address local  sanitation problems such as the improper disposal of household garbage, overflowing street corner trash cans, litter on sidewalks and in gutters and storm drains. Our focus is on addressing both the systemic issues with local sanitation as well as the individual behavior change necessary to achieve the livable neighborhoods and clean waterways that all of Baltimore’s communities desire.

The health and vibrancy of our neighborhoods is directly related to the health of our waterways. There are many challenges and it will take some time; however, we continue to facilitate communication and action between our partners as well as all Baltimore-area residents, to achieve our shared goal for healthy and vibrant neighborhoods, streams and rivers.

You Can Make a Difference

Young volunteers at our Project Clean Stream event, share a smile after lending a hand to make our local streams health and beautiful again!