Stormwater Terms Made Easy: Two Ways to Learn the Lingo

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Whether you call it a conveyance or downspout, we can help you find the right term for it.
Whether you call it a conveyance or downspout, we can help you find the right term for it.

When we visit your home, school, or place of worship as part of our Water Audit Program, we do our best to help you learn about the many ways your land and buildings affect  water quality.

The visits are our favorite part of the process.

During your site visit, you can expect me or another member of our water audit team to use your site visit  to explain how your property affects the health of our streams and then recommend things you can do to reduce polluted runoff.

We want you to have all of the tools you need to make a positive difference , including financial incentives and technical assistance. We do our best to limit our use of technical jargon, but sometimes we can’t avoid it!

But if you hear us use words like watershed, impervious, percolation, native plant, or conveyance have no fear.

  • First, please don’t be afraid to ask questions – don’t expect you to be an expert on stormwater management or landscape design! If any of our staff happen to use some language you don’t understand, don’t be afraid to ask, “What does that mean?”
  • Second, for those moments when we can’t be there, we created an online Water Audit glossary. This list of terms and their meaning will help you better understand the language we use.

Either way, we want to help: it’s our favorite part of our job!

So, take a few minutes and  sign up for a free Water Audit assessment online. This service is available to all properties located within the watersheds we serve!  Signing up is easy, and we’d love to help you start reducing the stormwater impact of your property!