How to Support a Bag Bill In Three Easy Steps

trash in streams
Plastic bags, along with bottles, are a major source of trash polluting our streams.

In the next week, there are important hearings about SB 576 / HB 1086, also known as the “Maryland Bag Bill,” to reduce the number of plastic shopping bags that litter our streams.

The bill establishes a five-cent fee for single-use plastic and paper carryout bags with the proceeds to be split among retailers, counties, and the Chesapeake Bay Trust.

We need to support our legislators as they work to get this important bill passed this year. There is a growing momentum behind the single-use bag fee, and we have a chance to make a real difference in protecting our streams!

In just three easy steps, you can send a quick email to your state Senator and Delegates to let them know that you are ready for Maryland to make this happen!

 1. Click this link to look up your Senator and Delegates.

2. Enter your address and click the “Create Message” button. Feel free to cut and paste our sample message below:

Please support SB 576 & HB 1086 the “Community Cleanup and Greening Act.” This bill will reduce litter and improve the quality of streams in Baltimore and communities around Maryland.

Every year, millions of dollars are spent by state and county governments to pick up plastic bags from our streets, to clean them out of storm drains, and to disentangle them from wastewater treatment facilities. Litter reduces property values and leads to an increase in vandalism, dumping, and other crimes.

SB 576 & HB1086 will make our communities healthier, safer places to live and do business. As a resident of your district I urge you to support it.

 3. Complete your message and click “Send.” It’s that simple!

The legislators in your district need to know that YOU want the bag bill, and they need to know this week. The power of all of us speaking in unison will make a difference, so add your voice right now.

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