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Make Every Drop Count: Build Your Own Rain Barrel!

Rain barrels are an easy way for you to harness stormwater, lower your water bill, and reduce pollution in our streams.

And, if you build your own rain barrel at one of our workshops this spring it’s an economical way to help your local watershed.

The workshop registration is just $65 per barrel, and each workshop lasts approximately one to two hours.

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What do I get by participating?

You will receive a 60 gallon white or 55 gallon blue barrel along with all necessary tools and parts to build your new rain barrel. Blue Water Baltimore will provide complete instruction.

Do I need power tool experience?

Experience helps but isn’t necessary. Blue Water Baltimore will assist you as you complete each step of the building process. We’ve had many participants who never used a drill prior to one of our workshops.

How many rain barrels can I build at one workshop?

You can order and build as many barrels as you like. If building more than two, we suggest bringing a friend or family member to help with construction. Be sure you have a way of transporting them home.

Gwen and Mical working together to build their rain barrel at a 2014 workshop in Howard Park.
Gwen and Mical working together to build their rain barrel at a 2014 workshop in Howard Park.

Can I bring my family or friends to the workshop?

Our workshops are a great group activity, especially if you decide to purchase and build more than one barrel. Workspace is limited, though, and we will be using power tools so we ask that you use discretion when inviting extra folks or bringing small children.

How do I get my barrel home?

A rain barrel fits in the backseat of the average sedan. Small vehicles like Smart Cars and Mini Coopers are too small to fit the barrels.

How do I install my rain barrel?

You will leave the workshop with a rain barrel ready to be installed. We provide installation instructions during the workshop so you can install it yourself, or you can register for a free water audit and we’ll install it for free.

We hope to see you at one of our workshops this spring.

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