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Thunderstorms Challenge Baltimore’s Waterways

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Intense thunderstorms last month brought huge chunks of hail to some areas, caused widespread flooding, and led to massive sewage overflows in the Jones Falls corridor. Raw sewage and wastewater debris exploded out of the manholes along the Jones Falls…

2015 Project Clean Stream A Big Success

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With the help of our amazing volunteers and outstanding Site Captains, Project Clean Stream 2015 was the most successful cleanup event in Blue Water Baltimore’s history. We coordinated cleanups at 93 sites throughout Baltimore City and Baltimore County, where over…

O Captain! My Captain! Be a Project Clean Stream Leader

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Project Clean Stream is the biggest environmental volunteer event of the year. Last year 1,056 volunteers removed 49,697 pounds of trash from neighborhood streams and streets at 47 sites throughout Baltimore City and Baltimore County during Project Clean Stream. This is…

Reporting Water Pollution Just Got Easier

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Blue Water Baltimore’s new Pollution Reporting Form makes it easier than ever to pinpoint the location of pollution using GPS coordinates or a street address. In fact, accessing the form with your smartphone will automatically fill in your current GPS…

Waterways Shed 10,000 Pounds of Trash

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In mid-November, 260 volunteers joined staff from Blue Water Baltimore and Gunpowder Valley Conservancy to remove trash from local streams during the annual Better Waterways Fall Cleanup. At ten cleanup sites, seven in Baltimore City and three in Baltimore County,…