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2015 Project Clean Stream A Big Success

With the help of our amazing volunteers and outstanding Site Captains, Project Clean Stream 2015 was the most successful cleanup event in Blue Water Baltimore’s history.

We coordinated cleanups at 93 sites throughout Baltimore City and Baltimore County, where over 1,800 volunteers removed 92,308 pounds of trash from their local streets, streams, and Baltimore Harbor. That’s as much weight as 6 full-grown African elephants!

Some of the most notable finds at our cleanup sites included an antique newspaper box from the 1968 riots, several bowling balls, a .22 rifle, a turtle sandbox, a pile of VHS tapes, and an oven.

2015_KPMG_FerryBar_ (7)

Project Clean Stream, a program of The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, is now in its twelfth year of operation. More than 600 sites throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed participated in the event this year.

Stay tuned to our online Events Calendar to find out about upcoming stream cleanups and other volunteer opportunities near you.


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