About Us

Our Mission

Clean water. Strong communities. Blue Water Baltimore’s mission is to restore the quality of Baltimore’s rivers, streams and Harbor to foster a healthy environment, a strong economy and thriving communities.

For too long, Baltimore’s waterways have been plagued by trash, toxins, sewage, and polluted stormwater. These problems do more than harm our environment; they threaten the health and well-being of our residents, communities, and local businesses. We work to change this.

Our History

In 2010, five local, grassroots environmental organizations joined forces to collectively address water quality issues in Baltimore.

These five “legacy organizations” included:

  • Jones Falls Watershed Association
  • Gwynns Falls Watershed Association
  • Herring Run Watershed Association
  • Baltimore Harbor Watershed Association
  • Baltimore Harbor Waterkeeper

We knew that we could accomplish far more together than we could as separate entities. With the support and dedication of our staff, board, amazing volunteers, and generous donors, we are now one of the largest environmental groups in Maryland.


What We Do

Blue Water Baltimore takes a holistic approach to making safe, clean water a reality in Baltimore. We: