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Blue Water Baltimore advocates for policies and initiatives at the local and state level that protect our waterways, public health, and quality of life for all Maryland residents. 

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Get Involved in State Policy

Changing local policy is one of our best tools for lasting change. The 2021 Maryland General Assembly session will be conducted with COVID-19 precautions in place, which will include no in-person testimony or on-site lobbying, at least to start. The Senate and House committees will have processes for submitting written testimony prior to bill hearings, as well as sign-ups for oral testimony via video call. In the Senate, even the number of individuals who may testify will be limited. This year especially, writing and emailing your legislators will be one of the single best ways to share your interest in legislation.

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Our 2021 Legislative Priorities


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By taking a Clear Choices Clean Water pledge, you can show others we all have the power to do our part for our waterways.  Let’s clean up our waters together!

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Questions about our advocacy work?

Contact Jenn Aiosa, jaiosa [AT] bluewaterbaltimore.org