About the Program

Blue Water Baltimore’s Restoration Team plants and cares for new trees across our watersheds in a variety of spaces including streets, yards, parks, schools, stream buffers, residential properties and private institutions.

Thanks to the helping hands of many volunteers and partners, we have planted thousands of trees across the Baltimore region. We continue to water, mulch, prune and maintain hundreds of new trees annually. Our collective goal as part of the TreeBaltimore partnership under Baltimore City Recreation & Parks is to increase the local tree canopy to 40% coverage, which is recommended for a healthy city.

This work is possible due to the support & funding from many diverse sources including TreeBaltimore, Baltimore Gas and Electric, The Baltimore County Department of Environmental Protection and Sustainability, The Chesapeake Bay Trust, and The Maryland Department of Natural Resources among others.

Our team works closely with local faith groups and schools to address stormwater runoff, flooding, and conservation on their properties.

City champion tulip tree (and the tallest tree in Maryland) located in Druid Hill Park

Trees make a big impact for clean water and healthier, happier communities.

Trees keep our waterways clean. Their canopies intercept and slow down rainfall. Their roots absorb and filter rushing stormwater that would otherwise create pollution problems in our waterways. Every tree makes a difference. By planting and caring for trees in our yards and public spaces, we can improve the health of our neighborhoods and environment.

  • Clean the air and protect human health

  • Keep our communities cooler and combat “heat islands

  • Reduce energy bills

  • Increase property values

  • Support native wildlife

  • Beautify communities

  • Keep our water clean!

Get Involved

All upcoming events can be found on our calendar.

  • Volunteer Tree Plantings

Our planting season occurs from April-May and October-November. Join us! We’ll provide the trees, tools & training. All ages & abilities are welcome to get your hands dirty for clean water.

Blue Water Baltimore tree planting with One Water Partnership congregants at Cherry Hill Homes, 2018

  • Free Tree Giveaways

Each year, Blue Water Baltimore gives away 1,000 free trees to residents of Baltimore City and County. We offer a variety of native species ranging from understory flowering and fruiting trees to large canopy trees. Our goal is to increase the local tree canopy and biodiversity as well as to inspire residents about the many benefits of urban greening.

We offer both per-registration and extras available for walk-ups.

Many of these species will live for a few decades and up to a couple of centuries, so choose wisely. Before placing your tree order, take a moment to go outside and look at your yard. Consider any overhead power lines, low areas where rainwater collects, nearby pedestrian right of ways, etc that might affect your choice. Review the available species listed below and plan for the expected height and spread, lifespan, and sunlight and soil requirements.Check out this Arbor Day guide for more assistance.

We are always looking for volunteers to help us send these trees out across our watersheds! Keep an eye on our calendar of events for our virtual volunteer training each spring and fall.

For advice on how and where to plant your free tree, check out our How To Plant blog.

Tree giveaway volunteers at Fairwood Forest, a protected forest patch of Baltimore Green Space.
  • Tree Maintenance

Tree planting is just the first step. We are dedicated to improving long-term tree survival and young trees need care! It takes about 2-3 years to establish a tree before it can survive on its own. Join us for seasonal tree care including pruning, mulching, watering, invasive species removal and installing protection from deer and mowers.

Volunteers celebrating a successful tree pruning party in Cherry Hill.
  • Become A Baltimore TreeKeeper

TreeKeepers is a FREE city-wide tree stewardship program open to anyone interested in Baltimore’s trees. Through this training, (which occurs each spring and fall) residents become tree advocates and share the responsibility to plant and care for trees in their neighborhood and throughout the City.