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What We Learned on the Jones Falls Watershed Tour

On July 19th, Blue Water Baltimore’s Ecoliteracy & Engagement Manager, Michel Anderson, had the privilege of guiding the 6th grade students in Gilman School’s Bridges Program on our Jones Falls Watershed Tour. We started at Lake Roland and traveled down Falls Road, following the Jones Falls River to where it opens into the Inner Harbor. Along the way we made stops to talk about the rich history of the waterway, urban planning, transportation routes, and our waste and stormwater systems. Below are some student reflections of their experience.  The tour is one of our many Ecoliteracy Programs that you can book for your school or organization.

“I like how we learned about Pretty Boy water. I also enjoyed that [Michel] showed us a picture of all the mess that was going into the sewer. I liked the picture of them cleaning so nothing would go into the sewer.” -Marty 

“I learned that Blue Water Baltimore is not just a regular company but is a company working together to preserve our water supply​ and rivers​. I also enjoyed learning how and where water comes from.” -Kyree 

“I liked when we learned about the dirt water. And when we went to the ​Lake Roland ​​nature center​ with animals​.” -Fallou 

“I learned a lot of things at our trip but one of the most important things I learned was that we, as people in Baltimore,​ ​should stop throwing trash in the gutter, and start picking up trash that we see on the ground or anywhere else.” -Cecil 

“I had so much fun on this trip. One thing I learned was where our water comes from, which is Pretty Boy lake. I also learned that the dam at Lake Roland has been there for ​over a ​100 years.” -Line 

“I enjoyed the Blue Water ​Baltimore ​tour because we traveled. One thing I learned was we get our water from Pretty Boy Lake.” -Mirairi 

“I learned that people build over rivers and streams which is bad for the rivers and streams. I also learned that the water we use in our bathrooms sometimes leave through​ cracked​ pipes ​enters​ into the rivers and streams and it is bad for the rivers and streams.” -Syriana 

“Thank you for teaching all of us about how we are ​​effecting our environment. And opening our eyes to realize what we are doing is wrong. In return, we will do our best to clean our surroundings and help others be aware also. At the end of the day​,​ I put thought into what you said and ​will make​ it a hobby to clean! Thanks so much!” -Paige 

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