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We Love Our Volunteers! Spotlight: Adam Jones

Clean Water, Strong Communities!

It takes a community of people to grow a community of trees. As another wonderful tree planting season draws to a close, Blue Water Baltimore celebrates the strong communities that work hard to clean our waterways. Check out the following spotlights to learn about some of our most dedicated partners and volunteers.

Adam Jones

Adam has volunteered over 45 hours at tree plantings since fall 2020, and he gets to see so much of Baltimore riding his bike to each of our events! Learn more about what it’s like to volunteer with Blue Water Baltimore through our Q & A with Adam below.

One of Adam’s sketches: Cherry trees in Ridgely’s Delight!

1. What do you enjoy most about volunteering with Blue Water Baltimore?

I would say my favorite part of planting is spending time in all these different neighborhoods. There is so much of Baltimore to visit and BWB has me going all over. 

2. What is your favorite type of tree?

I know I should probably pick a native tree, but my favorite might actually be a Ginkgo tree (Ginkgo Biloba). The leaves are such a pretty shape and they turn such a pretty yellow-ochre color in fall. There were a lot of them in the neighborhood in Brooklyn where I grew up and they’ll always make me think of home. 

3. What do you do when you’re not planting trees with us?

When I’m not planting trees, I’m exploring the city with my sketchbook. I’ve always enjoyed drawing cityscapes and on occasion I’ve returned to areas where we’ve planted to draw.

Cities and how we get around in them is a big interest of mine. I read every book I can find on transportation and land-use planning. I don’t have designs to actually become a city planner or something, so I appreciate that planting trees is something I can actually do that makes a real impact on how people live in and get around in our city. I’m motivated to keep coming back by the fact that the trees make Baltimore a better place to walk, that trees can slow cars down and mitigate the effects of cars’ noise pollution and air pollution.


Aerial view of Adam removing the burlap and wire cage prior to planting



“When I’m not planting trees, I’m exploring the city with my sketchbook…on occasion I’ve returned to areas where we’ve planted to draw” – Adam Jones


If you’re considering getting involved in volunteering, the TreeKeepers city stewardship program (via TreeBaltimore) is a great way to start learning more about trees and ways to stay engaged.


This blog will be updated weekly with additional volunteer spotlights!

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