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Five Plants You Think Are Native But Aren’t

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Because native plants have a long co-evolutionary history with the native wildlife of a location, they are uniquely well-suited choices for the modern garden. In this age of climate-change and habitat destruction, our gardens should do more than just look…

Native Roses of Maryland

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Are you looking to kick your native plant garden up a notch? Do you prize native shrubs that are beautiful and support many kinds of wildlife? Look no further than Maryland’s native roses. These are not intensely-bred hybrid roses that…

Red Twig Dogwood: Native Plant for All Seasons

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The most popular native plants at Herring Run Nursery are ones that offer beauty year-round. The beauty of a native plant that shines in winter is that they help preserve the sense of seasonality.  Winter in Maryland has its own special…

Winterberry: Native Shrubs That Multitask

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At Herring Run Nursery our favorite native shrubs are ones that can multitask: they are beautiful, attract wildlife, and help reduce storm water pollution. One of the very best of multitasking native shrubs is Ilex verticillata, or winterberry holly. A…