Baltimore Icons: The Jones Falls

Postcard of Historic Jones FallsWhen Blue Water Baltimore formed in 2010, it was through the merger of five watershed groups protecting all four of Baltimore’s watersheds. Jones Falls Watershed Association, Herring Run Watershed Association, Gywnns Falls Watershed Association, Baltimore Harbor Watershed Association, and Baltimore Harbor Waterkeeper  came together to create the powerful and effective organization we have become.

By and large, all four watersheds face similar threats. Stormwater pollution, sewage, trash, and toxic chemicals represent a challenge throughout the city and county.  Although the issues facing the watersheds are similar, each river and stream has its own history and legacy.  One of our goals in 2013 is to talk more about them.

So we couldn’t be more pleased with a recent audio story by WTMD on Jones Falls.  Titled Baltimore Icons: The Jones Falls, this four minute profile by WTMD producer Sam Gallant features our very own David Flores and Friends of Stony Run president Sandy Sparks.

The Jones Falls River flows right through Baltimore City. But you might not even know it’s there. Portions of it are covered by the JFX and other portions are completely underground. Yet this river has played an important role in the development and history of this area. It has been declared an open sewer, yet people still fight for it and are trying to reverse the flow of pollution, industry and time.

Many people driving on Jones Falls Expressway are barely aware there is a river flowing underneath of the highway (and, downtown, completely underground) but we are still working hard to protect and restore this important and historic river.

Click here to hear the story.


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