a city street lined with trees and traffic lights

Here Come 450 New Street Trees for Baltimore

The Department of Natural Resources, Chesapeake and Coastal Services Unit recently announced $300,000 in funding to Blue Water Baltimore to plant  450 new street trees and remove of 3/4 acre of concrete in Baltimore.

These new funds will enable Blue Water Baltimore to continue working in neighborhoods with low tree canopy, inlcuding Highlandtown and Oliver. In addition, a large portion of the project will take place along West North Avenue from Pennsylvania Avenue to Fulton Avenue and will include surrounding neighborhoods such as Mondawmin.

The Neighborhood Design Center West North Avenue Streetscape Conceptual Master Plan addresses 3 miles of the corridor from Howard Street in the center of Baltimore to Hilton Parkway on the far west side.

Investing in Urban Forestry

Blue Water Baltimore had identified these target neighborhoods as areas in need of street trees earlier in 2015. Then after the protests occurred in April of 2015, Blue Water Baltimore pursued funding for this project with urgency as an opportunity to provide the effected areas with the Benefits of Green Infrastructure.

The project provides funding for implementation of a significant part of the Greening Section of the Neighborhood Design Center West North Avenue Streetscape Master Plan.

A total of 91% of residents surveyed as part of the Master Plan were in favor of additional street trees along West North Avenue, and those who responded no to the survey question only did so because they wanted even more trees!

Photograph by Neighborhood Design Center during their West North Avenue Streetscape Visioning Workshop that engaged residents in discussions of potential changes to the streetscape environment.

Leadership Engagement

Blue Water Baltimore is eager and excited to get to work on this critical project and will be looking to begin implementation this coming winter. Thank you to State Delegates Antonio Hayes and Brooke Lierman, and Baltimore City Councilman Nick Mosby for supporting this important project!

The leadership of these elected officials helped enable Blue Water Baltimore to achieve funding for this project that will improve the environmental health Baltimore’s neighborhoods and improve local water quality.

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