Baltimore County Tree Orders

2022 Baltimore County Yard Tree Program

Blue Water Baltimore plants trees on residential property across Baltimore County through our cost-share yard tree program.

Current neighborhoods eligible for this program include: Anneslie, East Towson, Harford Park, Knollwood, Lutherville, Rodgers Forge/Gaywood, Stoneleigh, Sudbrook, West Towson/ Southland Hills, Wiltondale, Glendale and Idlewylde. In the future, we hope to expand the program but for now these are the only communities where residents can sign up for reduced-fee trees.

Tree Selection

Our team works closely with local volunteer residents, called Neighborhood Tree Stewards, to promote the program to neighbors and help you select appropriate species and sites. Use them as a resource!

While you may select your own tree(s), we strongly encourage all residents to reach out to your local steward before ordering to have them assist with species selection and placement. Remember, “Right tree, Right place” is key if you want to fully enjoy your new tree for decades to come!

We also encourage homeowners to select large canopy shade trees rather than smaller understory trees. Small trees should be reserved for locations with limited height or space such as under power lines. Canopy shade trees are long lived and provide many more benefits for you and future generations! Trees save money, cool down streets, reduce flooding, improve health, raise property values and provide habitat for our native butterflies and other wildlife. And they are beautiful!

Yard Tree: $75.00

Yard trees are in 3-7 gallon pots with 3/4″ caliper trunk depending on their species. They can be planted anywhere on your private property: in your front, back or side yard. Yard trees include any species on the list.

Street Tree: $125.00 or $150.00

Street trees are in 15-gallon pots with 1-1/5″ caliper trunk and are planted in the “public right of way” (the grass strip between the sidewalk and the street). Bigger trees are sturdier, which helps prevent damage by pedestrians and vehicles. The grass strip must be at least 4-ft wide to receive a tree. The street tree price varies by $25 depending on whether you are required by Baltimore County to install a root barrier. Root barriers are 2-ft x 8-ft hard plastic sheets that are buried in the ground to block roots from disturbing the sidewalk. If your grass strip is 8-ft wide or less, you must pay the additional $25 and install this root barrier yourself prior to BWB’s planting. If your grass strip is greater than 8-ft wide, you do not need to purchase a root barrier, and your tree will cost $125. There is a shorter species list of approved street trees. Check out this helpful video on how to install a root barrier.

Please review the Tree Availability Look Book to determine the the best trees(s) for your yard. The look book contains pictures and a description of each species!

Fall 2022 Tree Availability Look Book

Timeline: The deadline for ordering trees for this Fall has passed. Let’s plan for 2023!

Trees will be planted between October 3-21st by BWB staff and volunteers (please feel free to join us). The fee includes tree installation, mulch, a mower guard and stakes if necessary.

Our Partners

Program funders include the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and Baltimore County Environmental Protection & Sustainability.

Questions? Contact our Community Engagement Manager, Zoe Gensheimer: [email protected] or (410) 254-1577 Ext 121