Educational Programs

Ecoliteracy refers to the understanding of the principles that govern the health of the Earth and its ecosystem. To be ecoliterate means that you use this understanding to promote sustainable human and more-than-human communities. Blue Water Baltimore offers educational programs for all age ranges, preschool to senior. They are great accompaniments to environmental school lessons, MWEE (Meaningful Watershed Education Experience) projects, university courses, and corporate or congregational events. Below are our ecoliteracy programs we are ready to offer your organization.

Lectures & Workshops (available via Zoom or in-person)

Baltimore City Waterways Health Update – 1 hr 

The mission of Blue Water Baltimore is to protect and restore Baltimore’s waterways through enforcement, fieldwork, and citizen action. Our ultimate goal is to make our waterways safe for recreation (including fishing and swimming), to improve public health, and to improve the health of our ecosystem. This presentation shares information about the current health of our urban watershed and actions you can take to improve the health of our waterways. This PowerPoint-based session is ideal for people aged 16 and up. A 15 minute Q&A follows the presentation. This program is $150. BOOK IT!

A History of Our Most Precious Resource: Watershed Ecology in the Anthropocene – 1 hr

This presentation explores the natural history of water and examines how earthlings (human and otherwise) have interacted with this mysterious substance over geological time. We will explore how human activities have impacted the Earth’s natural water cycle on an unprecedented scale and discuss solutions that individuals and communities can implement to mitigate the challenges we face. This PowerPoint-based session is delivered in an entertaining storytelling format full of striking imagery that will get you thinking about water in a new way. It is ideal for people aged 16 and up, but it can be modified for younger audiences upon request. A 15 minute Q&A follows the presentation. This program is $150.  BOOK IT!

Pollinator Gardening: Designing a Sustainable Insect Habitat – 1.5 hr 

Planting native plants strategically is an easy and inexpensive way you can help restore habitat for struggling pollinators. This PowerPoint presentation walks you through the how and why of pollinator gardening and explains its connection to watershed health. The session covers information on site and plant selection, and how a pollinator garden is designed, built, and maintained. You will also be introduced to the pollinator plant options available at Blue Water Baltimore’s Herring Run Nursery. This session is ideal for garden clubs and neighborhood associations — a special version is also available for educators interested in integrating pollinator gardening into school curriculum. This session is ideal for 6th grade students and up. Attendees will receive a discount coupon for a native plant at Herring Run Nursery. This program is $350.  BOOK IT!

Experiences (See Availability Note)

H2O Mystery Lab: Exploring Water through Science & Imagination – 1 hr (In-person only)

Wonder and observation are the sparks that ignite scientific and artistic exploration. Did you know that water is the only known substance that can defy gravity? Or how about the fact that it’s the only known substance that exists naturally on Earth in three states, as a solid, liquid, and gas? This session explores the mysterious properties of water through storytelling, experimentation, and stage magic. Designed specifically for inquisitive 3rd to 5th grade minds, this session will have your students thinking about the importance of water in ways they (and perhaps you) have never considered. This program is $250.  BOOK IT!

F.O.G Monster Mash Workshop – 1 hr (Virtual or in-person)

There are monsters lurking in our storm drains! Fats, oils, and grease (F.O.G.) can create beastly blockages in Baltimore’s pipes. Help protect our city’s infrastructure with this fun and creative activity. Participants will learn about the negative effects of F.O.G. and how to properly dispose of it by feeding the F.O.G. Monster they create. All supplies are included. This session is ideal for students in grades K-8 (but adults love doing it too)! This program is $350. BOOK IT!

The Baltimarble Water Cycle – 1 hr  (In-person only)

This fun presentation demonstrates the urban water cycle using educational illustrations, a few props, and a repurposed Marble Run game. Students will be taught the basics of the natural water cycle, the history of Baltimore’s underground pipes, and how these different systems interact with each other. Students will gain a better understanding of their impact on Baltimore’s waterways, the city’s waste and stormwater systems, and the ways in which water connects us all. Depending on weather, an outside Water Cycle Tag Game can also be incorporated. This session is ideal for students in grades K-5. This program is $250. BOOK IT!

Wildflower Seedpod Making Workshop – 1 hr (Virtual or in-person)

Growing and helping native wildflowers proliferate is an important part of being a watershed steward. Native plants provide food and shelter to our region’s unique pollinators and birds. This workshops is great for those looking to get their hands a little earthy. Participants will learn how to make native wildflower seedpods (aka seed bombs) while also learning about the role native plants play in ecosystem restoration and the urban water cycle. The seedpods produced can be brought home by participants (to be scattered everywhere!) or donated to BWB for our outreach needs. Seedpods also make great gifts. This session can be tailored of people aged 8 and up. This program is $250. BOOK IT!

Watershed Wilderness Walk: Reconnecting with the Natural World – 1 hr (In-person only)

Our quest to protect our environment is a noble and necessary pursuit; however, without regular sensory experiences grounded in the natural world we can easily lose sight of what we are fighting for. Engaging in frequent direct experiences in nature puts our environmental work into perspective. During this session we will explore the more-than-human world through our senses, learn about urban watershed ecology, and have the opportunity to reflect upon and share the insights that nature-based experiences yield. The walks take place in Druid Hill Park or can be replicated in a forested space near you. This session is ideal for people aged 9 years old and up. This program is $250.  BOOK IT!

Schoolyard Rainwater Mapping – 1 hr (Virtual or in-person)

This interactive session will give your students a new way to look at the world. Alongside experienced Blue Water Baltimore staff, students will examine the property’s typography and map out how rainwater moves over the landscape. They will also visualize the best site-specific ways to harvest the rainwater through learning about and exploring innovative green technology, such as rain gardens, bioswales, and rain barrels. The student-generated maps and plans can then be used towards securing future Green School certification and grant funding opportunities. This session is ideal for students in grades 5 and up. This program is $350.  BOOK IT!

School-based Storm Drain Art Workshop – 2 hrs (Virtual or in-person)

Blue Water Baltimore offers donation-based storm drain art workshops in our Remington classroom that are geared towards community leaders and educators interested in running their own event. In addition, we can deliver the program to schools directly and teach students about the connection between our streets and streams and lead a storm drain art event on campus. This workshop is ideal for grades 4 and up. The workshop is student-focused and includes an introduction to the urban water cycle and all the materials needed to adorn up to two storm drains on the school’s grounds. NOTE: Baltimore County Public Schools students may only engage in this program on school grounds and with chalk. This program is $350. NOTE: This program’s fee is dependent upon how many staff members are needed to run the program to suit your needs.  BOOK IT!

Jones Falls Watershed Tour – 4 hrs – (Currently unavailable)

The is a perfect field trip to give your organization or class a firm, place-based understanding of the water cycle. We start at the headwaters of the Jones Falls and make various stops to discuss the history of water use in Baltimore City. We will discuss the modern challenges Baltimore City faces and the solutions Blue Water Baltimore and other organizations are implementing to make our waterways healthy. This trip is a great way to prime your organization to take part in our various service learning and volunteering opportunities. The watershed tour takes approximately three hours and typically ends with a picnic lunch at the Inner Harbor. The hosting organization provides bus transportation and food. This is an excellent trip for student groups, 11 years old and up. This program is $550 to $750 depending on group size. NOTE: This program’s fee is dependent upon how many staff members are needed to run the program to suit your needs.  BOOK IT!

Do you have a water-based educational need that you do not see listed? Programs can be tailored or developed for your organization’s specific needs and can include service learning and volunteer opportunities. Blue Water Baltimore’s ecoliteracy programs are offered on a sliding scale — your support allows us to deliver programs to under-served communities throughout Baltimore City. Some of our programs may be offered in connection with existing grant funding that subsidize associated costs, and we are happy assist with grant applications that incorporate our programs.

For more information contact our Senior Manager of Ecoliteracy & Engagement, Michel Anderson, at [email protected].