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How to Budget Your Native Plant Garden

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A native plant garden full of healthy, well-chosen plants is a joyous place: beautiful and full of wildlife. Too often, though, native plant gardens end up being something less than joyous. One the primary reasons that people are disappointed with their…

Red Twig Dogwood: Native Plant for All Seasons

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The most popular native plants at Herring Run Nursery are ones that offer beauty year-round. The beauty of a native plant that shines in winter is that they help preserve the sense of seasonality.  Winter in Maryland has its own special…

Native Plants Make for a Happy Pollinator Week

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This week, Blue Water Baltimore is celebrating National Pollinator Week. Pollinating animals are critical to a healthy ecosystem as well as to urban gardens and farms, so having an excuse to call attention to these vital critters is a welcome…

Eat Your Natives

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In 2012, for the first time ever, Herring Run Nursery was a vendor at the 25th annual Baltimore Herb Festival. We grow and sell native plants primarily for their wildlife value and pollution reduction merits, but it turns out that many native…