Meet Our Staff

COVID-19 Update

We continue to proactively work to keep our staff, volunteers, and community partners safe and healthy. As part of our efforts:

  • Our main office is closed until further notice.
  • Herrring Run Nursery is open by appointment only — click HERE for details.
  • Our staff are working remotely and practicing social distancing.
  • Staff may not be regularly checking their voicemails during our office closure. Please contact our staff via email in the meantime. We will do our best to respond in a timely manner.

For updates, check our website regularly and follow us on social media

Director Staff

Jenn Aiosa, Executive Director

Jenn Aiosa is a long-time member of Maryland’s environmental community and a 20-year veteran of environmental nonprofits and state government. Jenn has served in her current role since June 2017 and first joined Blue Water Baltimore as a former Board Member. Prior to joining Blue Water Baltimore, Jenn served as Vice President and Director of Conservation Programs at the Chesapeake Conservancy and Director of Policy and Planning Research for the Maryland Department of Planning. In her free time, Jenn enjoys volunteering at Patterson Park, cycling, and gardening.

Jill Cecil, Director of Finance and Administration

Jill supports and oversees management of finances and budgeting, human resources, and operations. With more than 20 years of experience, Jill has a solid background in both for- and non-profit finances.

Francine Housier, Director of Human Resources and Chief of Staff

Francine directs and monitors overall HR strategies, systems, and procedures. She also advises leadership about prioritizing and advancing efforts toward Blue Water Baltimore’s goals under our five-year strategic plan and leads the collaborative work to develop and maintain measurements of strategic plan successes, challenges, and accountability. Francine previously worked in human resources and operations at The Nature Conservancy’s global headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. After arriving in Baltimore in 2009, she began consulting with area non-profit organizations about their human resources needs and issues.

Leanna Powell, Director of Development

Leanna directs the fundraising team and loves introducing people to the superheroes of Blue Water Baltimore. Leanna grew up along the waterways of southern Maryland but has spent more than a decade in Baltimore wears her Inner Harbor skyline tattoo with pride. She enjoys running and biking along City waterways and teaches wood carving in her spare time. Fun fact: Leanna is certified to drive a forklift and once worked as a furniture mover.

Alice Volpitta, Baltimore Harbor Waterkeeper

As our Baltimore Harbor Waterkeeper, Alice directs our water quality monitoring programs and spearheads our enforcement efforts. She also oversees the management of our pollution reporting hotline, regulatory & permit review, and policy evaluation work. Alice has a BS in Biology & Environmental Science from St. Mary’s College of Maryland and is a Certified Stormwater Inspector. When not patrolling our waterways, she can be found hiking and treasure hunting near them, quilting, and making Pugtatos (you’ll have to ask her to learn what that means).


Program Staff

Michel Anderson, Senior Manager of Ecoliteracy & Engagement

Michel develops and oversees our engagement and ecoliteracy programs that are designed to nurture peoples’ understanding of how we are all deeply connected to water and our waterways. Basically, he takes our scientific data and numbers and makes it fun and more easily digestible. He holds a BA in Visual Art from University of Maryland Baltimore County, and a MEd in Nature-based & Sustainability Education from Antioch University New England. Michel spends his free time meandering in wild places (as opposed to hiking), practicing guitar and magic, and reading books about mythology, philosophy, and current affairs. Fun fact: Michel lived in Hanoi, Vietnam, for two years. He still uses chopsticks daily and believes they are way better than the vastly inferior fork.

Darin Crew, Senior Manager of Operations

Darin oversees the operations of our multifaceted projects and staff. A long-time member of Blue Water Baltimore, Darin worked at one of Blue Water Baltimore’s legacy organizations (Herring Run Watershed Association). Darin is a former Chesapeake Bay Program Fellow and Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

Zoe Gensheimer, Community Forestry Coordinator

Zoe leads community tree plantings and maintenance. She organizes our free tree giveaway program and assists with ecoliteracy and educational activities. She grew up in Baltimore City and plans to stay here for a long time, working with friends, family, and local communities to return it to a forest.

Sarah Holter, Senior Development Coordinator & Waterkeeper Project Assistant

As Senior Development Coordinator, Sarah assists the Director of Development and Executive Director with fundraising, event planning, and office administration. When working as Waterkeeper Project Assistant, she collects and transports water quality samples. Sarah joined our team in 2017, prior to which she served two Americorps terms at Real Food Farm. She received her BA in Economics from St. Mary’s College of Maryland, but feels much more enthusiasm towards her minors in Environmental Studies and Studio Art. In her free time she enjoys being on & in the water, making a mess in the kitchen, and creating things using clay, ink, fabric and fibers. Fun fact: Sarah’s a bit obsessed with 90’s sci-fi, with The Fifth Element and Waterworld at the top of her list.

Reagan Hooton, Restoration Project Manager

As our Restoration Project Manager, Reagan manages the implementation of our environmental restoration projects and helps identify future restoration projects that improve the health of our watersheds. She has a background in native plant landscaping and volunteers in her free time with Baltimore Free Farm. Reagan is a CBLP (Cheasapeak Bay Landscape Professional) and a PDC (Permaculture Design Certification).

Rob Jenkins, Nursery Manager

With more than 30 years of experience in Maryland’s horticulture industry, Rob oversees the daily operations of our Herring Run Nursery.  His long term goals are: to continually expand the Nursery, both in terms of outreach and in support of Blue Water Baltimore’s mission, to increase the Nursery’s production to include more local ecotype natives that are grown and sustainably harvested by our staff and volunteers, to expand the use of natives in the greening of, and pollutant reduction within, our watersheds. Rob has a BS in Biology and an MS in Environmental Science; additionally, he is a CPH (Certified Professional Horticulturist) and a CBLP (Cheasapeake Bay Landscape Professional). In his free time, Rob enjoys triathlons, mud runs, bouldering, and axe throwing. When he’s not exerting himself physically, he can be found immersed in the story of Kratos and Atreus (playing God of War). Fun fact: Rob doesn’t care for pants, he only wears shorts, no matter the temperature.

Barbara Johnson, Water Quality Scientist

As our water quality scientist, Barbara manages the ambient water quality monitoring program under the direction of the Baltimore Harbor Waterkeeper. Barbara also runs our Outfall Screening Blitz program and our Pollution Reporting 101 trainings and conducts pollution investigations when problems are reported by community members. She has an BA in Environmental Sustainability & Human Ecology from The University of Baltimore; addionally, she is a CSI (Certified Stormwater Inspector) from the National Stormwater Center. In her free time, Baraba can be found painting, printmaking, and exploring history. Fun fact: Barbara did The Twist on stage with Chubby Checker when she was eight year old; thus cementing her love of rock ‘n’ roll forever.

  • Phone: 410-254-1577 ext. 115

Mary Lewis, Nursery Assistant Manager

With more than eight years of experience, Mary is responsible for the development of nursery outreach and interactive programs at our Herring Run Nursery.

John Marra, Ecoliteracy & Restoration Specialist

John manages our storm drain art program and leads many of our ecoliteracy programs and green infrastructure projects. As an Eagle Scout since 1999, Americorps member, and a founding member of the Baltimore Rock Opera Society, John Marra strongly believes in the importance of volunteerism, community involvement and do-it-yourself ethics.

Jeff Missouri, Administrative & Facilities Coordinator

Jeff provides administrative and facilities support at Blue Water Baltimore. Jeff manages building maintenance, information technology, mail services, and customer service. Jeff has many years of experience in real estate management, contract management, event planning, and logistics in campus and hospital settings. In his free time, Jeffrey is a mentor who supports young teens in Baltimore through Project Raise.

Corbin Sulton, Implementation Senior Coordinator

Corbin implements our landscape and stormwater restoration projects. He also supervises and mentors our field crew in their daily work. Corbin is a certified professional in erosion and sediment control and is proficient in using heavy machinery and a variety of hand tools.

Robert Walker, Implementation Coordinator

Robert ensures thorough implementation, completion, and accuracy of inspection reports for our restoration projects. He is also responsible for planting street trees and the construction and landscaping of environmental stormwater projects and rain gardens within the Baltimore region. Prior to joining Blue Water Baltimore, Robert worked with the Center for Urban Families and is an Army veteran.

Peter Weitzmann, Database Specialist

Peter is determined to use data and technology to promote solutions to environmental and social issues in Baltimore. Peter works to support our programmatic and development goals by overseeing the collection, organization, and utilization of data. He has a BA in Liberal Arts (Anthropology) from Hamilton College and is a Salesforce Certified Administrator and a Baltimore Treekeeper. In his free time, Peter plays guitar with his band, and enjoys camping and hiking. Fun fact: Peter has visited five continents, and he has worked or volunteered in four different countries (US, S. Korea, Thailand, Australia).