Thank you for Funding-a-Need this holiday season!

Thank you for funding one of our needs with your gift! As a member-donor of Blue Water Baltimore, you’re part of a growing movement to protect and restore the Baltimore Harbor Watershed. We’re so thankful for you!

Donating as a gift to someone this holiday season? Download your free printable certificate!

Click on the item name below to download a printable certificate for the item you purchased–perfect for giving as a gift!

1. Provide materials for 1 classroom craft project. 2. Support a community member impacted by sewage backups.
3. Buy 1 rapid bacteria test. 4. Give away 1 free tree to a community member.
5. Outfit a tree planting volunteer with gloves and tools. 6. Water a tree for 2 years.
7. Fuel the Waterkeeper boat for 2 weeks. 8. Support our digital communications for 2 months.
9. Fund an emergency response to a reported pollution event. 10. Provide a season’s worth of new soil at Herring Run Nursery.
11. Plant 10 trees in a public space. 12. Help buy our Forestry team a new truck.

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Questions about your gift? Just email [email protected]