Photo credit: Lisa Roca

Community Tree Plantings

Trees have measurable impacts on the quality of our water, including slowing and absorbing runoff, filtering out pollution, and cooling the water for wildlife.

Trees add beauty to our neighborhoods and increase property values. They reduce air pollutants and release fresh oxygen, keeping our houses, yards, and streets cooler.

Plant A Tree

Join Blue Water Baltimore and volunteer to plant a tree in a local park or at a neighborhood school. Get started today!

  • Plant a tree in your yard

Purchase a native tree from Blue Water Baltimore’s Herring Run Nursery.

Attend one of our free tree giveaways each fall and spring! We offer free 1-gallon trees to Baltimore City and County residents on certain dates in spring and fall. Trees are about 2-3′ tall. Check our calendar for dates.

Tree Education

Baltimore’s Tree Canopy

With our partners at TreeBaltimore and Baltimore County Department of Environmental Protection and Sustainability, Blue Water Baltimore is committed to increasing the region’s tree canopy. To reach our goal we plant trees on park and school grounds, and on private property with institutions and homeowners.

We also maintain newly planted trees, keeping them watered during summers as well as mulching, staking, and pruning to ensure they survive and thrive in our urban environment.

Planting trees is good for the water, good for the air, and good for the soul. Get your hands dirty for clean water and strong neighborhoods!