Harvest Rainwater

Rainwater Harvesting: Every Drop Counts!

Rain barrels are a great way to conserve water, reduce stormwater pollution, combat flooding and erosion, and so much more.

Benefits and Uses

Save money on your water bill, use less energy,  and reduce your carbon while keeping your plants and gardens lush and healthy! Rainwater isn’t just for plants; there are many ways you can use rainwater.

  • Wash your car, clothes, dishes, and outdoor furniture
  • Clean driveways, sidewalks, and patios
  • Flush toilets
  • Refill fountains, bird baths, and fish ponds
  • Save extra water for dry weather

Ways to Get Harvesting

Learn about rainwater harvesting and build your own rain barrel at one of our workshops!Build A Rain Barrel with Us

Our workshops provide details on how to setup, construct, and maintain your own barrel. Workshop fees cover all tools, materials, and expertise!

Visit our events calendar to find future workshops.

Purchase a Rain Barrel

Barrels available for purchase at our Herring Run Nursery. For pricing and availability, please contact the nursery at (844) 756-8688 or nursery [at] bluewaterbaltimore [dot] org.

Host a Workshop

We would love to lead a rain barrel workshop at your neighborhood, business or school! For details and pricing, email us: info [at] bluewaterbaltimore [dot] org.

Collecting and reusing rainwater through a rain barrel is a smart way to help protect and restore the environment.