Efforts led by individual citizens are making a real difference in local waterways and are ultimately helping to restore the Chesapeake Bay.

One example of individual action is the restoration work by a Blue Water Baltimore volunteer and customer Jennifer Paulson. She said, “With the help of the Herring Run Nursery staff, I came up with a plan and put in eight shrubs, one tree, and several trays of landscape plugs. I didn’t know anything about plants but I gained the confidence to plant and maintain my own yard, knowing that I was making good choices for the environment in the process.”

From the design plan to the actual planting of the rain garden, Blue Water Baltimore can provide guidance and help. Rain gardens can transform many parts of your yard into habitat for native plants and a system to capture stormwater runoff.

If you support a clean environment and strong, healthy communities, Blue Water Baltimore needs you to be an advocate for clean water issues at the federal, state and local level. Anyone can engage in advocacy as long as they have the right tools. Take action today!

You can conserve your water at the same time you reduce stormwater pollution and help prevent erosion of our stream banks by installing a rain barrel on your property. Join Blue Water Baltimore at one of our rain barrel workshops and build your own rain barrel to take home.

When you plant a native tree, shrub, or perennial in your yard you are contributing to a much healthier and robust food web for Baltimore. Native plants help reduce polluted runoff and support a healthy ecosystem, including wildlife like pollinators & birds.

Help spread the word about the connection between our streets and our streams by painting a storm drain in your neighborhood! We offer stenciling workshops, stencil kits you can borrow, and assistance setting up storm drain stenciling projects.