Water Quality

The Baltimore Harbor Water Alert features an interactive map that tracks water quality throughout Baltimore’s watersheds in near real-time.

Blue Water Baltimore teamed up with Healthy Harbor to produce the Baltimore Harbor Water Alert, which provides regular updates on a variety of indicators the human health and ecological health of Baltimore’s waterways.

Baltimore Harbor Water Alert

Through our Ambient Water Quality Monitoring Program, we regularly conduct water quality monitoring of the Tidal Patapsco River, its major tidal tributaries, and its non-tidal tributaries in the Jones Falls and Gwynns Falls watersheds.

The monitoring program samples 22 locations on the Tidal Patapsco River biweekly between the beginning of April and the end of November each year, and also samples 27 locations on the Jones Falls and Gwynns Falls on a monthly basis year-round. Monitoring activities include collection of whole-water samples for third-party laboratory analysis and collection of data readings using state-of-the-art scientific field instrumentation.

We use this water-quality data to power the Baltimore Harbor Water Alert, generate the annual Healthy Harbor Report Card, and to produce water-quality assessments for scenarios ranging from short-term pollution incidents to long-term multi-year trend analyses.