Storm Drain Art

Help spread the word about the connection between our streets and our streams by painting storm drain art in your neighborhood!

Storm drain art is a creative way to protect our waterways. Through art, you can help engage your community, brighten your neighborhood drains, and raise awareness about the importance of keeping our streets and waterways clean.

These bright and colorful projects are perfect for community groups, scout troops, student organizations, and other residents who want to see healthy communities and waterways in Baltimore.

Why Paint Storm Drains?

Storm drains are the mouths to our waterways. Every time it rains, trash and pollutants on our streets are carried into the storm drains and directly to our streams, harbor, and the Chesapeake Bay. By painting Baltimore’s storm drains, you help to remind residents that our neighborhoods are connected to our streams.

Types of Storm Drain Art

Storm Drain Murals

Murals are free-hand projects painted with traffic paint and brushes. Murals allow for unique, eye-catching community-generated designs and maximum involvement from your project team.

Storm Drain Stenciling

Storm drain stenciling utilizes spray paint and pre-approved stencils for a quick, easy, and affordable art project.

We want the drains to look good and the projects to run smoothly, so it is important for a team member to attend our trainings. Blue Water Baltimore holds storm drain stencil trainings around the city for organizers like you!

To get involved, take one of our donation-based workshops. Check our our event calendar for our next workshop or contact us to learn more.


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