Workshop: Including Native Plants in a Grant Request

Are you planning to include native plants in a grant request?

Let us help make the process easier for you and more effective.

Because we operate on of Baltimore’s best sources of native plants, we see lots of projects that include native plants. ¬†Often, with a few minor tweaks to the budget and design schedule these projects could be much more successful.

This free one-hour seminar will provide a thorough overview by the manager of Herring Run Nursery of the things we’ve learned including:

  • The best time for the project be installed
  • What plants will be available
  • How to plan for site preparation
  • What kind of maintenance to expect
  • How to make a small budget work

The information will apply to all projects using native plants, and we especially encourage groups applying for Neighborhood Greening Grants to attend before finalizing their application.

Space is first-come first-served, so RSVP now.

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