TreeBaltimore Fruit Tree Fair

Join our partners at TreeBaltimore for a Free Fruit Trees for City Residents, Greening Resource Fair, and Educational & Uplifting Community Open Mic!

Do you have a story about a community garden, orchard, or tree planting project that you would like to share? Maybe a song, original poem, or inspiring words? Join #MuchMoreThanAnOpenMic with Alanah Nichole for community open mic. #Letsgetfiggywitit

CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS: We could use the help of some tech-savvy types, horticultural experts, strong heavy lifters, and outgoing assistants to hand out the trees. Tech savvy helpers will run the tablets at the free tree line to collect new tree planting data. A group of heavy lifters will be moving picnic tables, setting up tables, and breaking down tents. Horticultural experts can help answer guests’ questions about the different fruit trees available to City residents. Sign up for a volunteer shift!

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