Rock the Boat

Is your cocktail safe to drink? Are you fully aware of the dangers another flat, dull, and uninspired adult beverage poses to your self-respect and ability to savor all that life has to offer?

The intrepid women of our Baltimore Harbor Waterkeeper team have your back. By day they’re on patrol, guarding our waters from pollution. But for one special night the fab four are coming ashore to make sure you get the purest possible pour. From 5 till 9 on June 22nd, they’ll be guest bar tending to your every need at legendary local watering hole, The Ottobar, and have entirely restrained themselves from any sewage-related puns in deciding what to call their spectacular concoctions*.

Come support the Waterkeeper program in style, as well as for the fabulous DJ and delightful drink specials. And come rock the vote on what to call our brand new Waterkeeper patrol boat. The name on the fullest tip jar wins (and all tips go to the Waterkeeper Program). So come vote with your cash – you literally get to buy the election! We can’t wait to see you there.

*not a guarantee.

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