Rain Barrel Workshop

Join us to learn more about rain barrels and build your own rain barrel to take home after the workshop! The fee for registration is only $69 per barrel, which includes all the materials as well as sales tax. The workshop lasts approximately 90 minutes.

About Our Workshops

You will receive a 55 gallon barrel along with the tools and parts necessary to build your rain barrel. You register to build up to four barrels.

Experience with power tools helps, but isn’t necessary. Blue Water Baltimore will provide assistance as you go through the steps to build a rain barrel.

Our workshops are a great group activity for friends and family. Especially if you plan on building more than one barrel, friends or family can be very helpful with construction. However, workspace is limited, and we will be using power tools, so we ask that you use discretion when inviting others, especially children.

Finished Product

You will leave the workshop with your rain barrel ready to be installed. During the workshop, Blue Water Baltimore will provide instructions on how to install it yourself. Make sure the vehicle you use can accommodate the rain barrel you will be bringing home with you – the barrel will fit in the backseat of an average sedan, but small vehicles like Smart Cars and Mini Coopers are too small to fit the rain barrel.

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