Pollinator Appreciation and Summer Celebration

June 17-23 is National Pollinator Week, and summer starts on June 21!

Learn more about native plants that support our precious pollinators! Plenty of perennials are blooming now supporting the plethora of pollinators out foraging for pollen and nectar.

10am SATURDAY – Pollinator Talk with Mary (20-30 mins)
*Pollinators Prospering People table

9am SUNDAY – Rainbarell workshop = $75
Build a rain barrel with Rob, our Nursery Manager!
**Follow this link to register – This event is limited to 6 people. If registration is full, please email Mary ([email protected]) to see if we have extra space, or find out when the next workshop will be.

*Native Seed Bombs
*Expert Native Plant advice from our volunteers and staff
*Paint a Bee House ($20 – while supplies last)
*Complimentary Watermelon and Lemonade
*Sprinkler to run through (if it’s hot!)