Outfall Screening Blitz

Volunteers like you are our biggest asset in finding and fighting pollution issues throughout the entire Patapsco River watershed.  Are you interested in protecting your local streams and rivers?  Do you want to help us find illicit discharges entering our streams?  Then take action and join us for an Outfall Screening Blitz!

Volunteers and staff will walk in a section of the Towson Run (waders provided) in order to find and report illicit discharges that enter the stream from the stormwater outfall system.  Participants will collect water quality samples at these outfalls and perform laboratory tests on them in order to find out what’s really being discharged from our storm water pipes.

***In order to be eligible for OSB events, volunteers must have already taken the Adopt-A-Stream / Outfall Screening Blitz training.

RSVP to Alice Volpitta at [email protected]  This event requires 48-hours of antecedent dry weather; in case of rain, a rain date will be scheduled.