Tree Giveaway at the 32nd Street Farmers Market

Take home your own free tree from a Blue Water Baltimore and Tree Baltimore giveaway at the Waverly Farmer’s Market! We will have tree experts on hand to match the right tree for your yard.  We have 100 free trees for residents of Baltimore City and County only.  You will want to plan to carry your tree back to your car so plan appropriately

We will offering the following fruit and nut trees about 10 of each species: 

  • Serviceberry
  • Sweetbay magnolia
  • American hazelnut
  • American plum
  • American persimmon

We will also have about 10 of each of the following outstanding shade trees

  • River birch
  • Black gum or tupelo
  • Red maple
  • Yellowwood
  • Swamp white oak

If you cannot attend this free tree giveaway see our website for giveaways through June 5th.