Free Tree Giveaway at Herring Run Nursery

Take home your own free tree!
Come out to a giveaway this fall and get inspired by the many benefits of native trees! Blue Water Baltimore and Tree Baltimore are partnering to offer a variety of species ranging from smaller flowering and fruiting trees to large canopy trees. Every tree cools and cleans our air, absorbs stormwater, increases local biodiversity and beautifies our neighborhoods.
Visit Herring Run Nursery to select the one that’s right for your yard and browse other native plants for sale! Free trees available for residents of Baltimore City or County only.
Special Offer: At this event, we will have larger Yellow Birch available. If interested, please bring proper transport such as a truck or van to take these beauties home!

Yellow Birch is the largest of our eastern birches known for its distinctive peeling, yellowish-bronze bark. It is intolerant of dry conditions and prefers a moist cool location with at least partial shade. Fun fact: The sap of yellow birch can be tapped for syrup or birch beer.